Chronology: 1920 – Paul Klee becomes Bauhaus Master


  • German nationals in Weimar publish a polemic against the Bauhaus. The Bauhaus responds with a brochure of its own, including a message of support by the thuringian minister of culture.
  • Walter Gropius turns down chief Dada Johannes Baader’s offer to join the Bauhaus.
  • First Bauhaus evenings, including a lecture by Else Lasker-Schüler, a paper by Bruno Taut and concerts (works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Max Reger and others). For a short while the Bauhaus has its own department of architecture headed by Adolf Meyer.
  • Max Krehan (master of craft) and Gerhard Marcks (master of form) set up a pottery workshop in Dornburg/Saale. Classes begin in October.
  • Lyonel Feininger’s works exhibited at the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Weimar, Paul Klee’s works at the Kunstverein in Jena.
  • Georg Muche joins the Bauhaus as master of form, specialising in woodcarving and bookbinding. Paul Klee appointed.
  • Oskar Schlemmer appointed.
  • Theo van Doesburg visits the Bauhaus.


  • 1 Dollar = 49.80 Marks.
  • Treaty of Versailles comes into force (territorial losses, occupation, reparations).
  • Right-wing Kapp Putsch in Berlin and other cities foiled by general strike.
  • Reichstag elections: conservative parties 71, national liberals 65, other liberals 39, centrists 90, social democrats 102, independent social democrats 81, communists 2, others 9 seats. League of Nations established.

S C I E N C E ,   T E C H N O L O G Y   A N D   A R T S

  • Science and Technology: "Notgemeinschaft der deutschen Wissenschaft" founded, death of sociologist Max Weber, spectral analysis produces first findings on stellar atmosphere.
  • Literature: "The Theory of the Novel" by Gyorgy Lukacs, Knut Hamsun awarded Nobel Prize for Literature.
  • Theatre and Music: "The Dead City" by Erich Korngold, "Concord Sonata" by Charles Ives.
  • Film: "The Mark of Zorro" by Fred Biblo, "The Golem" by Paul Wegener.
  • Art: "Realistic Manifesto" by Naum Gabo and Antoine Pevsner, Ozenfant and Le Corbusier found the magazine "l’esprit nouveau". Dada demonstration in Cologne.
  • Architecture: Vladimir Tatlin’s monument to the third International (project), Moscow.