Chronology: 1924 – "Freundeskreis" is founded


plans to establish a bauhaus limited company with the involvement of the state of thuringia are discussed at the ministry of education.

encouraged by their resounding election victory, the conservative parties in the thuringian landtag press for the bauhaus to be closed down.

the council of masters endorses a memorandum penned by marcel breuer, georg muche and farkas molnar on the institution of an architecture department. the bauhaus is the target of ongoing attacks by conservative forces.

the bauhaus is represented at the building exhibition in stuttgart.

the thuringian chamber of auditors concludes that the bauhaus is unprofitable. by way of precaution, the provincial government terminates the masters’ and the director’s employment contracts with effect from 31st december 1925.

the landtag budget committee debates the bauhaus and slashes its budget from 146,000 to 50,000 marks. plans are forged to transform the bauhaus into a limited company.

hendrik p. berlage, peter behrens, marc chagall, albert einstein, oskar kokoschka, arnold schönberg and others join together to form the society of friends of the bauhaus. the bauhaus director and masters write an open letter stating the bauhaus is to be abolished and their contracts terminated with effect from 1st april 1925.


reichstag elections: extreme right 32, conservative parties 95, national liberals 45, other liberals 28, centrists 81, social democrats 100, communists 62, others 29 seats.

allied conference in london adopts dawes plan and resolves to withdraw french and belgian occupying troops from the ruhr.

the reichsmark replaces the rentenmark.

reichstag endorses dawes plan.

industrial output rises to 71.9 % of 1913 level.

reichstag elections: extreme right 14, conservative parties 103, national liberals 51, other liberals 32, centrists 88, social democrats 131, communists 45, others 29 seats

Science, Technology and Arts

science and technology: australopithecus remains found, ten millionth car by ford, rotary printer invented.

literature: "the magic mountain" by thomas mann.

theatre and music: "pacific 231" by arthur honegger, "rhapsody in blue" by george gershwin.

film: "nibelungen" by fritz lang, "the navigator" by buster keaton.

art: "manifeste du surréalisme" by andre breton; "war" by otto dix.

architecture: schroeder house in utrecht by gerrit rietveld. chilehaus in hamburg by fritz höger.