New acquisitions in the archives

more than 100 new acquisitions from the estate of Carl Marx
Carl Marx, Bauhaus-Treff, 1988

Walter Köppe, documents of the estate (acquisition)

Heinz Loew, painting (1932) and three "Materialbilder" (1973) (donation / Australian)

Erich Fritzsche, two exercise from the lessons by Wassily Kandinsky, 1927 (acquisition)

Lucia Moholy, Bauhaus Dessau, workshop wing from west, 1927, photography (acquisition)

Lucia Moholy, dining room in the Master´s House Gropius, 1926, photography (acquisition)

Howard Dearstyne, wooden stool for the "Volkswohnung Bauhaus", 1928 (acquisition)

Marcel Breuer, part of the theatre seats B 1, 1930/31, tubular steel furniture, manufacturer: Thonet (acquisition)

Bauhaus Dessau, carpenter's workshop (possible Josef Hartwig), chessboard, 1925-28, from the estate of Howard Dearstyne (acquisition)

Robert Michel, "ADOLF-MEYER-BILD", 1922/23, collage (acquisition)

Hans Finsler, "Teekugel" from Wolfgang Tümpel, about 1927, photography (acquisition)

Hans Przyrembel, three photographies about 1928 (acquisition)

Paul Wolff, teas errvice from Theodor Bogler, about 1923, photography (acquisition)

Bauhaus Dessau, metal workshop , box, about 1926 (acquisition)

Margaret Leiteritz, works of art and documents of the estate (donation)