Topic: Architecture – From New building to after-war-modernism

"The building is the ultimate goal of all fine art,” the Bauhaus manifesto proclaimed back in 1919. Architecture training at the Bauhaus in Weimar was initially the prerogative of Walter Gropius private architectural practice and for a short time courses were run by his partner Adolf Meyer and in association with the "Baugewerkschule" (building trades school) in Weimar. The Bauhaus workshops were involved in these efforts through Gropius’s office. This collaboration produced the Haus Am Horn and other buildings in 1923. Plans for a Bauhaus estate remained unimplemented. Some new methods based on specific types and standardisation were employed not only to produce new architecture but to anticipate a new lifestyle through this architecture.

It is the ideas and works in architecture, which are making the Bauhaus famous. Today, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation devotes itself with the theoretical and the practical side of building, also in the present.