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Teaching Models – International universities guests at Bauhaus Dessau

The historic Bauhaus was an experimental site for art and design education; due to its enforced closure, it was updated worldwide. With the programme “Teaching Models”, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation aims to examine the contemporary relevance of the pedagogical heritage of the Bauhaus and its reception in art schools worldwide. The historic workshop spaces will become platforms for the exchange of new ideas and practices of learning.

Open Studios 2017 – Material Lessons

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Learning about and with materials was a mainstay of teaching at the Bauhaus. The development of the students’ creative talents was to be fostered through vital interaction with different materials, rather than the study of traditional ideals. The motto: Shelve the past and think material from a completely new stance and new experience.
Today, in a period of an almost fully digitised service sector and a globalised mode of production of goods, design and architecture are becoming more and more the epistrome of abstracted work in front of computer screens: contact with and knowledge about materials and materialities is increasingly dissolving.

In the Bauhaus ‘Open Studios -Teaching Models’ programme, under the annual theme for 2017, ‘Substance’, students and teachers from universities and institutes of further education worldwide will put to the test models of learning and knowledge acquisition through work with and on materials. What contemporary ‘material lessons’ are required for the training of designers and architects, as the intermediaries of our material culture? Objects from the classes at the historic Bauhaus can thereby form a starting point for diverse material-orientated learning experiments focusing on contemporary material-related questions.

All information and requirements regarding the application for the ‘Open Studios – Material Lessons’ can be found in the following document:

Studios 2017


  • Spring

Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia and Universität der Künste Berlin,
International Joint Master's Programme of European Architecture
Prof. Dr. Dagmar Jäger, Dr. Claudia Perren

Manchester School of Art, England
Judith Winter (Curator & Senior Lecturer)

  • Summer

University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia
Faculty of Design, Architecture & Building, Interior and Spatial Design Program
Prof. Dr. Thea Brejzek (UTS), Christof Mayer (raumlaborberlin)

  • Autumn

The University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland

Art & Design
Mike Anusas (Teaching Fellow)

Open Studios 2016

University of California Berkeley - The Dessau Effect

The Dessau Effect: Urban revival, Pavilion interventions, and the Bauhaus legacy

University of California, Berkeley, USA
Department of Architecture
College of Environmental Design
Prof. Greg Castillo, Prof. René Davids
19. – 27.3.2016

Humboldt-Universität Berlin - Rudolf Laban's Notation

Rudolf Labans Notation

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Exzellenzcluster "Bild Wissen Gestaltung"
Dr. Sandra Schramke, Michael Friedmann, Anja Pawel
30. – 31.3.2016

Tallinn University of Technology and Universität der Künste Berlin - Space strategies

Space Strategies. Interdisciplinary, moving interventions in neglected areas of the city.

Tallinn University of Technology, Estland and Universität der Künste Berlin 
International Joint Master`s Programme of European Architecture
Prof. Rhys Martin, Prof. Dr. Dagmar Jäger, Dr. Claudia Perren
18. – 29.4. 2016

Further Open Studios 2016

Open Studio Florida

Pedagogy and Production. Transdisciplinary Approaches to a Workshop-Centered Curriculum
Florida International University
Departments of architecture, art + art history, interior architecture, landscape architecture + environmental and urban design
Prof. Eric Peterson, Professor, Darci Pappano
10. – 17.6.2016

Open Studio Sydney

Topic: Radical Hospitality: The Insertion of Paulick’s ‚Steelhouse’ into the former GDR ‚House of Statistics’, Berlin,  as a Post-Otherness Intervention in relation to future migrant cultural projects and accommodation facilities
University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australien
Faculty of Design, Architecture & Building
Interior and Spatial Design Program
Prof. Dr. Thea Brejzek (UTS) and Christof Mayer (raumlaborberlin)
20.6. – 24.6.2016


If you are interested in this program please contact Katja Klaus.
E-Mail:, 0340-6508-402

Credit: Ortner, Rudolf, Object: Structures (exercise from a class with Josef Albers), 1932, ©Bauhaus Dessau Foundation (I 10943 G)

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