FAQ Bauhaus Residence: Open Call 2018

1. Application

Who can apply?
Artists from all nations working in the fields listed in the international call for applications or in a trans-medial or multi-sector field. Please appreciate the fact that the Open Call is not open to students. Teams are welcome.

Is there an age limit?

Can I send my application by mail or by value transfer link?
No. Applications sent by mail will be disqualified. Applications will only be returned if they contain a reply-paid envelope. Please only use the application form.

My portfolio is larger than 5 MB. What other options are available for sending work samples?
Please send us a selection of your work. You may also refer to your other work in the portfolio using links (for example at You Tube). The total volume may not exceed 5 MB.

How can I send my films to the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation?
Please include pictures in your portfolio and send us the relevant Online-Links.

Can I request layouts and photographs of the master houses during the application process?
Please accept that the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation will not be answering such requests during the application procedure. Please use the open content available on our Homepage.

How can I get more information on the Foundation’s annual topic in 2018 “Standards”?
Please refer to the Homepage of SBD at www.bauhaus-dessau.de.

2. Selection of the artists

How many artists will be selected for the 2018 residency programme?
A jury will select two artists from the Open Calls.

Will the artists that are not selected be given a negative reply with an explanatory statement?
Once the jury has made its decision, the artists that have not been selected will receive a standard rejection letter. This will be sent at the end of October. Please appreciate the fact that the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation is unable to provide separate explanations for negative replies.

3. Employment opportunities

What employment opportunities are available?
The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation will provide each guest artist with a studio in a historic master house. The resident will be responsible for obtaining his own work materials. The foundation will be providing the use of a wood workshop and a photo laboratory. In addition, arrangements can be made with the Foundation to use the historic archive, the library and the expertise of the staff of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.

Can works of art be installed to the outsides of the Masters’ Houses?
The UNESCO world heritage status of the Masters’ Houses does not permit this. The works of art will be displayed until 2019 in the Gropius House.

Will other artists be present during the residency?
Along with the Open Call the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation will also be inviting other artists and cultivating a wide range of partnerships. To enable the greatest possible exchange between the various artists, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation plans to host up to two artists in the Schlemmer House.

4. Living at the Schlemmer House

What about visits from family and friends?
There are several rooms in the Schlemmer House. For a contribution towards expenses visitors and family members can stay there with the consent of the other residents for up to one week.

What about kitchen and cooking facilities?
The Schlemmer House possesses a fully furnished kitchen.