Open Studio Tallinn

Spatial Strategies: “Modern Pioneers Revealed”
19 April–4 May 2017

The workshop “Spatial Strategies” aims to investigate selected artistic, urban and architectural topics with a local, but superordinate European relevance like transformation of modern heritage or industrial sites out of function. It is one of 11 workshops of each two-year cycle of the European Master’s programme at TTU with Reiseuni_lab, taking place once each year during two weeks.

The tracing of the historical, partly destroyed representations and related sites of the Bauhaus period until 1933 will be connected in a “Public Space Exhibition” to bridge the modern architecture, historical designs, performances and concepts of the Bauhaus interventions to the new buildings like the Museum 2019, activities of the city and the contemporary artistic projects of the Bauhaus foundation nowadays. During two weeks, the international group of students will deepen a concept what has been developed of the international Reiseuni_Class-03, 2016: An urban network of interventions for knowledge transfer revealing the modern heritage in Dessau.

The pathway concepts – Masters and Bauhäusler, Staging, Seriel Production, Industrial Cooperation – create the basis for the network and exhibition proposal. The concept finding will take place in dialogue with material approaches of the Bauhäusler during the Dessau period of the 20th. The investigation of the modern traces leads to heterogeneous and trans medial proposals of knowledge transfer in the public realm – a network of exhibition pathways as a public space choreography. The results will be presented and finally discussed with the team of the foundation and international guests.

Guest institution:
Tallinn University of Technology & International Master’s Programme of European Architecture in cooperation with University of Arts / HZT

Professors team:
Dr. Claudia Perren (Director Bauhaus Dessau Foundation)
Prof. Dr. Ing. Dagmar Jäger (TTU, Programme Director of European Architecture)

Guest lecturers:
Dr. Werner Möller (Research Associate, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation)
Lilo Viehweg (Curator of smart materials satellites, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation)
Dr. Regina Bittner (Head of Academy and Deputy Director, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation)
Prof. Rhys Martin (Choreographer, MA Solo Dance Authorship, University of the Art, Berlin / HZT)
Prof. Dr. Katrin Paadam (Sociologist, Tallinn University of Technology
Prof. Pentti Kareoja (Professor of Spatial Strategies, Aalto University, Helsinki

Open Studio Tallinn, Spatial Strategies: “Modern Pioneers Revealed”, 28. April – 4. Mai 2017 / Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau, Foto: David Hampel

Head of Project
Dr. Regina Bittner

Research Associate
Katja Klaus
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