Bauhaus Dessau

The Bauhaus has a special role to play in the history of 20th century culture, architecture, design, art and new media. As a School of Design, the Bauhaus revolutionised artistic and architectural thinking and production worldwide, and is considered a headstone of the Modern age, which may be visited in Dessau until nowadays.

  • The Bauhaus building is daily open from 10am to 5pm 

C U R R E N T   N E W S 

  • Preannouncement: Open international competition in two phases Bauhaus Museum Dessau. All information regarding the competition are provided from now on here:
  • +++ German Government supports a new Dessau Bauhaus Museum with the amount of 12.5 million Euros. +++ "We are delighted and happy with this decision. Now the financial framework is secured and it is time to work hard on the masterplan of the Bauhaus Museum 2019" said Dr. Claudia Perren. More info
  • Exhibition 'BAUHAUS. THE ART OF THE STUDENTS' extended til March 15th 2015, daily, Mon – Sun, 10am – 5pm.

The speech of Hattula Moholy-Nagy during the opening-ceremony of the New Master Houses, summer 2014:

Video: Julia Riedhammer und Edouard Steinhauer, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation 2014.

  • Impressions of the opening of the New Master's Houses 

Images: Sebastian Gündel, 2014, Bauhaus Foundation Dessau



1st April 2015 1.30 pm – 6.00 pm at the Bauhaus Dessau … more …


Funding secured for the new building On November 13th, 2014, the German … more …


Apply Now! Young professionals in architecture, design, fine arts and curatorial practice … more …

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  Apply until 12th April 2015!   DESIGNERS IN RESIDENCE from 3rd August … more …


The “Bauhäusler” which not only included instructors and students but also friends … more …


Oskar Schlemmer (1888–1943) was a painter, sculptor, director of the theatre workshop – and … more …


Although not as well known as Walter Gropius or Ludwig Mies van der … more …

MSc. Program "Coop Design Research"

MSc. Program "Coop Design Research"

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New registration period for the one-year Master Program 2015 "Coop Design Research" is … more …


Exhibition opening of „Human-Space-Machine. Stage Experiments at the Bauhaus” took place on … more …


Exhibition route “Temporal Formal at Seidler City” on November 7th, 2014, 6-9 … more …

Photo: Dominik Butzmann Photo: Dominik Butzmann

Claudia Perren is the director and chief executive officer of the Bauhaus Dessau … more …

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The book "Expanded Architecture  – Temporal Spatial Practices", edited by Claudia Perren and … more …


On September 4th 2014, his excellency Ambassador of Australia in Germany, Switzerland … more …


Under the motto: "Bells and Spiral – Twisted World," Bauhaus Dessau Foundation … more …


What is the situation with lending and sharing? Are these secondary virtues … more …

New Masters' Houses

New Masters' Houses

The new Masterhouse Gropius, BFM Architekten, Image: Christoph Rokitta, 2014, Bauhaus Foundation Dessau The new Masterhouse Gropius, BFM Architekten, Image: Christoph Rokitta, 2014, Bauhaus Foundation Dessau

Image: Sebastian Gündel, 2014, Bauhaus Foundation Dessau
Mr Danielzik hands plans of Walter Gropius over to the foundation Image: Sebastian Gündel, 2014, Bauhaus Foundation Dessau Mr Danielzik hands plans of Walter Gropius over to the foundation

Wolfgang Danielzik: Nephew of Walter Gropius, husband of Gerlinde Gropius-Danielzik Born 12.12.1941 in … more …


The first travel guide to all of the German Bauhaus sites – … more …

"bauhaus" magazine issue 6



Issue # 6 of magazine "bauhaus" is dedicated to one of the … more …


Welcome to Bauhaus Dessau! The Bauhaus Buidling is daily open from 9 … more …

Edition Bauhaus | Volume 37

Bauhaus. Art of the students


Founded as an art school in Weimar in 1919 and later relocating … more …


In 1921, Walter Gropius founded a theater workshop at the Bauhaus. It … more …

Accommodation inside the Studio Building

Sleeping like a Bauhausler


The Studio Building was completed in 1926. It is also called "Prellerhaus", … more …