Intercultural Cross-Generational Park

The multicultural cross-generation park project has focused, since January 2007, on upgrading the municipal park in Dessau. This is a pilot project for research into innovations in housing for elderly people and families in urban areas. It is part of the ExWoSt (Experimental Housing and Urban Development) programme, administered by the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning and the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs.

In 2009, the first phase of development will be complete: In accordance with the master plan developed by lohrer.hochrein, Magdeburg, the entrance area with the fountain will be redesigned as an urban link to the city and the Altes Theater. Interactive lighting designed by realities united of Berlin will be installed on the square. This will create an ambient link with the city at night, and improve safety. The lighting control mechanism is innovative in that any movement in the general area triggers the whole system. The project is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, as an experimental project for the technical protection of public space. A “Park Summer” with official openings and cultural and sporting events organised by initiatives, clubs and businesses accompanies the project’s realisation. Their sponsorship will contribute to the upkeep, maintenance and equipment of the park. A park manager will supervise all activities. The aim is to develop the area as a people’s park and to make the city more attractive, thereby contributing to the stability of Dessau’s city centre. The project is part of the IBA Urban Redevelopment 2010 Saxony-Anhalt.

From Ar. Snehal K H & Ar. Pushkaraj Karakat and Elisabeth Kremer:

This pilot scheme is sponsored, within the framework of the Experimental Housing and Urban Development programme, by the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning.