Umbaustadt Dessau – Urban redevelopment planning workshop since 2004

What does a city that in 2010 no longer has a population of 100,00 but maybe 65,000 and in 2015 only 52,000 look like?

What does a city that in the space of only 25 years shrinks to approximately half its size look like?

  • Where buildings falls, landscape evolves

Dessau would like to shape the shrinking process so that a new green area is formed and nature takes root in the town once more. In accordance with the basic “cut and paste” concept, built structures will be removed from the future free zone, so that the remaining urban core is made more dense, vital and attractive. Conversely, landscape modules will be introduced into the free zone, which allow a new “picture” of landscape to arise.

  • Bringing the Garden Realm into the city

In the development of the new landscaped area, the visuals and image of the Dessau-Wörlitzer Gartenreichs (Garden Realm of Dessau-Wörlitz) are taken up once more – at first as a brand and maybe later, hopefully, as a statement … The motif of groups of oak trees in ample meadows provides the basis for the new landscaped area.

  • Cultivation and care

Following the principles of cultivation and care, existing qualities will be exposed and revaluated. This brings a change of strategy! No longer will removal, dismantlement or demolition be communicated, but above all coalescence, shaping, and formulation – the breaking fresh ground.

  • Cultural repossession through active participation

Newly emerging free zones will be opened up. Residents and former residents of Dessau will be invited to take part in the creation of the green area by contributing to an “Oak Foundation”.

The urban redevelopment project of the city of Dessau is a joint project by the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, the city of Dessau and the IBA Stadtumbau Saxony-Anhalt 2010.

Wo Gebäude fallen

Stabilisation of cores

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  • Participants and partners in the redevelopment process

godparenthood of planning workshop team: Agenda – Initiative Dessau

Pixelation: Urban redevelopment as a continuing process – Narrating urban development – activating citizens

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Heike Brückner
Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau