2014: YOURS – MINE – OURS. The New Joy of Sharing

For the second time, young designers in the fields of architecture, art and design are invited to the Bauhaus in Dessau. For three months, the designers in residence tackle the design challenges of the present day and engage creatively with the legacy of modernity – concentrating on a new topic each year. In 2014, the programme focuses on housekeeping in the 21st century and the related secondary virtue of sharing.

Given that the refurbished masters' houses for Gropius and Moholy-Nagy are due to be re-opened in the spring of 2014, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation has decided explore the question of how the organisation of everyday domestic processes, which Gropius once wanted to demonstrate right here, has changed in the 21st century. How is a household structured today and what can be subsumed under the headings of ‘housekeeping’ and ‘sharing’? The resulting change of perspective raises new questions for designers. The Dessau masters' houses offer a strategic starting point for a creative re-think of housekeeping. Households are not self-contained units, but are continually interacting with their environment – whether at the level of a neighbourhood, a community, a town, or a nation. What is the situation with lending and sharing? Are these secondary virtues on the rise again? What influence do they exercise on product design and the appropriation of space?

The three studios

  • Project management: Jutta Stein, Katja Klaus
  • Artistic and scientific management: Dr. Werner Möller, Christin Irrgang
  • Project assistant: Cornelia Tonn

In cooperation with: