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Absalon. The Art of Liberated Dwelling

The opening date will be announced later.
Bauhaus Museum Dessau, Black Box

For this Intermezzo, one of the Cellules by the Israeli artist Absalon (1964–1993) comes to the Bauhaus Museum Dessau. The minimal dwellings are at the centre of his creative work. One each in Zurich, Frankfurt, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Tel Aviv, they were intended to be his only homes. At a maximum of eight square meters they contain dining and work tables, a kitchenette, bathroom and sleeping area. Unlike the Bau­haus, Absalon did not design his living cells for serial produc­tion however. The Cellules are completely tailored to meet his needs. They seek simultane­ously to condense and reduce life. But they also express a social concern: Situated right in the city centre, the cells are not at all meant to isolate their inhabitant but to facilitate ex­ change with their respective environment.