Services for school classes – Bauhaus on the lesson plan

Special guided tours, projects and practical activities give schoolchildren of all ages access to the architecture of the Bauhaus buildings and to the history of the Bauhaus.

  • Guided tours (for young people aged 12 and over)


The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation offers guided tours of the Bauhaus buildings and the Federal Environment Agency building in Dessau, which are designed specifically for school classes. Topics during the guided tours include the distinctive features of the architecture, spatial impacts and aspects of Bauhaus history in the permanent exhibition and our special exhibitions. Activity sheets are used in the guided tours for classes up to year 10. These include questions, which are mutually discussed during the guided tour.

  • Duration of each guided tour: 1 hour
  • Price on request           

  • Discovery tour in the Bauhaus building (for children under 12)

Learning through exploration stands at the heart of this interactive guided tour for primary school classes. Complementary booklets for every child, a case of materials and a playful introduction foster an active, lively approach to the architecture of the Bauhaus building and to the history of the institution.

  • Duration: ca. 1 hour
  • Price on request          

  • Discovery tour in the Master’s Houses (for children under 12)

Following in the footsteps of Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee, the schoolchildren go on a journey of discovery into the past and experience the different ways in which colour may be used in interior design.

  • Duration: ca. 1 hour
  • Price on request


WORKSHOPS (for children under 12):

  • Postcard from the Bauhaus

After the children have explored the Bauhaus building with its vistas, reflections and fascinating interplay of colours, they can design their own postcard in this workshop, based on the example set by the Bauhauslers. In this way the young explorers are given an opportunity to express their own picture of the Bauhaus and actively build on the impressions gained during the guided tour.

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Price on request

  • Colour

In this workshop, children will practically explore the effects of colours, find out about the rules of mixing colours, learn the colour wheel of Johannes Itten and experiment first-hand with colour. Ideally, the participants would first go on a journey of discovery in the Kandinsky/Klee Masters’ House.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price on request

W O R K S H O P S (for young people aged 12 and over):

  • Advertising

Many of the Bauhauslers saw collages, photomontages and advertising as important and contemporary means of expression. By these means, they commented on social and political events and took a position on the important topics of the time. Based on the example of historic Bauhaus collages, the schoolchildren formulate their positions on topical themes in their own work.

  • Duration: 1+2 hours
  • Price on request

  • Design

Throughout the Bauhaus building, there are replicas of Bauhaus products, which children – unlike in a museum – may touch and try out. The schoolchildren are invited to sit in Marcel Breuer’s “Wassily” chair and test the tubular steel chairs in the auditorium. In the workshop, the schoolchildren develop their own designs for chairs based on their experience of these and other Bauhaus products.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price on request

  • Preliminary course

How are complex spatial structures made from a sheet of paper? The permanent exhibition in the Bauhaus building displays some works from Josef Albers’s preliminary course, which attempt to answer this question in a practical way. In the workshop, the schoolchildren put the spatial possibilities of paper to the test and find out about fascinating fish-bone structures and paper towers.

  • Duration: 1 hour or 2 hours
  • Price on request

  • Architecture

How does an architect work? The foregoing guided tour focuses not only on the history, but also, above all, on the spatial and architectonic design of the Bauhaus building. The workshop’s participants will go through the steps themselves, from design sketches and room concepts to the first design model. Which questions must one ask when planning a room or a house? Finally, models will be made from Kappa card.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price on request


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