Appia: Rhythmic Spaces to Dance In

Opening of the Appia Stage

23 Oct 2020, 7 pm
24 Oct 2020, 4 + 6 pm
25 Oct 2020, 1 + 3 pm
Bauhaus Museum Dessau, Open Stage

After one year of Rita McBride’s Arena, the Appia Stage will step in to occupy the ground floor of the Bauhaus Museum Dessau. In 1912/13, the Swiss stage designer Adolphe Appia, together with light artist Alexander Salzmann, designed and realised the proto­ type for a new open theatre stage for the Festspielhaus Hellerau. It consists of simple cubic modules that can be arranged in differ­ent ways like a building set. The historical Bauhaus considered it a model for scenographic projects. The Europäische Zentrum der Künste reconstructed it in 2017 at Festspielhaus Hellerau.

The Appia Stage will open at the Bauhaus Museum Dessau on 23 October 2020 with the dance performance tension, break, pattern, intrigue by Cindy Hammer, Joseph Hernandez, Johanna Roggan and Anna Till. On 24–25 October 2020, students from the China Academy of Art, Hochschule Anhalt and Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden will be presenting performances specially devel­ oped on and for this stage.

As an installation and event space on the ground floor of the Bau­haus Museum Dessau Appia will define the Open Stage until the end of 2021.