Exhibition: Cracks in the Curtain Wall – Beyond an Architecture of Cleanliness.

7th – 27th August 2015, daily 10am - 5pm, in the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.

Sand melts away in his hand, glass is supposedly invisible. The Mexican architect Irma del Valle Nanchon deals with the myth of the apparent lightness of glass as a building material in her thesis "Built on sand" of the Bauhaus Lab 2015. The complexity of glass buildings was the subject of the postgraduate program of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation for artistic and architectural research. This year's participants have developed very individual positions and implemented in a variety of shapes.

All projects can be seen in an exhibition at the Bauhaus Dessau, starting on August 7th.

These are the projects:

  • "Built on sand"

Irma del Valle Nanchon, Interior Designer  (MX)

Modernity is made up invisible matter till this matter is made dirty. Mexican architect Irma del Valle Nachon proposes an installation to deconstruct the pristine myth surrounding glass. Her work, “Auf Sand gebaut” reveals the heavy environmental cost this apparently weightless and transparent material necessitates.

  • "It Takes Work to Get the Natural Look"

Gemma Savio, Architect(AU) Chloe Robert, Anthropologist (CA)

With "It Takes Work to Get the Natural Look" architect Gemma Savio and anthropologist Chloé Roubert bring forth material and environmental issues. Intervening on the Bauhaus' lawn they reveal the labour, desire for progress and organic life at the core of what is seen through the curtain wall in suburbia, at the top of a skyscraper or at the Bauhaus-Dessau.


Fokus Grupa, Artists (HR)

The artist duo, fokus groupa's installation “VERA PAVLOVNA'S FOURTH DREAM” creates a textual reframing of the Bauhaus via juxtaposing archival photography of the Bauhaus with a another (fictional) narrative:  “Vera Pavlovna's Fourth Dream” from the novel What Is To Be Done? by Nikolay Gavrilovich Chernyshevsky (1863). In her dream Vera Pavlovna imagines a society where social relations and scientific progress find their expression in crystal palaces that are spread around the world bringing about a “radiant and beautiful” future.


  • Curtain Wall and Beyond: Erasing History Increases the Risk of Repeating It.

Dumitru Rusu, Architect (RO)

The research project has investigated the process of revaluation of the Bauhaus building within in development of East-German modern architecture, but also reflects the actual state of conservation of the built environment created in period of East-German modernism.

  • „The place with Transparency“

Kai Liu, Architect (CN)

The architect Kai Liu’s narrative illustrations use the past to remind the present of how ideologies change and come to impact the built environment. Liu’s “The Place with Transparency” shows how a Stockholm urban development, Hörget City, is intertwined in a Swedish women’s life: both impact and are impacted by each other and the changing political, economic and social paradigms of their time.