An exhibition on the work of Hannes Meyer, an arts-and-design based exhibition on the theme of housekeeping, the Bauhaus Association’s exhibition Big Plans!, the international partner exhibition Simultaneity of Modernism: the exhibition programme of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation embraces diverse themes and concepts and reflects the broad scope of the Bauhaus’s activities.

The themes and contents of all the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation’s exhibitions are derived from its research activities. The purpose of each of the exhibitions is to showcase the historic legacy of the Bauhaus and, at the same time, to address its relevance in the 21st century. The general and specific themes of the exhibitions are explored in greater depth in supporting programmes and in experimental educational programmes for children, young people and schools. Catalogues for the larger exhibitions are published in the series Edition Bauhaus.

The Foundation’s main task is not only to conserve, but also to pass on the Bauhaus’s legacy, teaching and research. Since 2016 the Curatorial Workshop department acts as an internal link between the Academy and the Collection; here, the Foundation’s research associates convert research topics into exhibition concepts and, with the support of ‘Bauhaus Agents’ (a programme of the German Federal Cultural Foundation), into education formats for children, young people and schools.

This includes new curatorial concepts for the interiors of all the Bauhaus buildings in Dessau, the aim being to be able to provide a complete, comprehensive guided tour in time for the Bauhaus Centenary 2019 so that visitors can experience all that the Bauhaus in Dessau has to offer. An integral part of this will be the Bauhaus Dessau Museum, in which visitors will be able to see the extensive Collection of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation for the very first time.

Until the Bauhaus Museum Dessau is finished, over the next few years visitors can expect thematic exhibitions based on the annual themes of the Foundation, which will be shown in the historic Bauhaus building, in other Bauhaus buildings and in the exhibition venues of partner organisations.

2017 – Annual theme: Substance 


  • When Craft becomes Modern. The Bauhaus in the Making 
    Bauhaus building, 13 April 2017 – 7 January 2018
  • smart materials satellites 
    Steel House, 13 July – 22 October 2017

2018 – Annual theme: Standards


  • Carl Fieger. A Bauhaus Architect Mediates Between Individuality and Norms 
    Bauhaus building, April 2018 – January 2019

2019 – Annual theme: Centenary


  • A laboratory for modernity 
    Bauhaus Museum Dessau, from October 2019