Bauhaus Festivals Dessau

Three international festivals, each with a specific theme, present contemporary interpretations of the historic legacy. All the festivals have a scientific-artistic focus which, transferred to the various programme formats, invites visitors to discover the Bauhaus as a field of experimentation.


20 – 24 March 2019

The series begins with School FUNDAMENTAL, a festival of learning. As a school of design, the Bauhaus was less about classical education and more about the all-round development of character. But is there any validity nowadays to the paradigm of “learning by doing”, of “overcoming the fragmented individual” (László Moholy-Nagy) by unleashing the individual’s creative powers? The Bauhaus Building in Dessau, as a curriculum made manifest in a building with workshops, preliminary course room, auditorium and canteen, provides the ideal point of departure for the festival.


Festival of Education

Reflection, practical critique and experimental renewal of the Bauhaus pedagogy.

Architecture RADICAL     

31 May – 2 June 2019

The festival Architecture RADICAL chose Walter Gropius’s historic Employment Office because the relatively unknown building models the Bauhauslers’ grasp of architecture as a manifestation of social change. The festival refers to this desire for renewal, to the (seemingly) uncompromising realisation of powerful ideas. Not every experiment was successful, but they were daring, systematic, visionary and controversial. The festival takes the historic Bauhaus Buildings as a starting point for explorations.


Architecture RADICAL

The historic Employment Office stages contemporary questions about the social role of architecture and its radical and experimental approaches.

Stage TOTAL     

11 – 15 September 2019

The festival Stage TOTAL takes off from the historic Bauhaus stage and launches the Bauhaus Museum Dessau as a venue. The colourtone opera Violet by Wassily Kandinsky will be staged in collaboration with the Anhaltisches Theater, which is situated between the museum and the Bauhaus Building.The departure from traditional, literary theatre was written into every experiment on the Bauhaus stage. These were characterised by the desire for dramatic treatments of the pace and mechanisation of modern cities and the intensity of experience provided by popular forms of entertainment like cinemas and theme parks.


Festival of Theatre

Five days of small, dramatic formats and large-scale performances, celebrations and amusements that offer contemporary interpretations of the historic approach.