Bauhaus Festival minimal.
Box Play

4 + 5 Sep 2020
Bauhaus Museum Dessau + Bauhaus Building

The Bauhaus Festival 2020 becomes the Bauhaus Festival minimal. But it is not a "Bauhaus Festival light". The Bauhaus Festival 2020 is only different – and adapted to the current situation caused by the Corona pandemic. Visitors can expect a concentrated festival atmosphere and work with reduced technical means, exclusively inside the building. The workshop wing, the festive area, the bridge, and the north wing will be part of a large Box Play. "Silent Guides" lead the guests along a one-hour parcours through one part of the building at a time. Several parcours combined result in a complete evening. As in the building set game, guests can put together their own Bauhaus Festival 2020.

! ! ! The Bauhaus Festival is sold out ! ! !

Due to the Corona pandemic, the number of guests is limited. Participation in the Bauhaus Festival minimal. Box Play is therefore only possible with tickets. (For organisational reasons there will be no box office.)


Fri, 4 September 2020

Sat, 5 September 2020