Bauhaus Lab 2020:
A concrete for the „other half“ – exhibition

4 Dec 2020 – 5 Apr 2021
Bauhaus Building, workshop wing, second floor

The starting point for the Bauhaus Lab 2020 is a block of sul­fur concrete that was used in experimental low­cost housing in 1972. The block is part of the archive of the Minimum Cost Housing Group at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Mon­ treal. Rallying around the ques­tion “How the other half builds,” the group began to investigate living and building in developing countries at McGill University in Montreal in the 1970s. The international participants of the Bauhaus Lab will examine doc­uments and materials from the collection of the archive – along with the archival methods them­selves. The research results will be shown in an exhibition creat­ed by the participants at the Bauhaus Building.