Bauhaus Lab I: Architecture after Speculation

Spain’s speculative landscapes may be perceived as a test zone for a global urbanisation model that was introduced with neoliberalisation in the 1990s. The huge vacancy rate and consumption of landscape in the absence of users and demand presents a paradigmatic example of the dubiousness of a form of architectural production that is based purely on the speculative value of the built objects.

Bauhaus Lab 2013, a platform for collaborative learning, research and design, invites young designers to develop critical positions, counter models or even projects that engage with the implications of this form of urbanisation. The four-month, thematically-focused programme addresses young professionals from the fields of architecture, design, curatorial practice and art who have already completed a course of study and wish to engage in a critical research-based experimental design practice. Here, young designers can work with tutors in experimental constellations, in which they test diverse methods and strategies of research-based design in a specific practical project. 

  • August 19th  to November 16th  2013
  • Tutors: Sabine Mueller (SMAQ) Regina Bittner
  • Management: Katja Szymczak

  • Impressions exhibition and presentation: