Bauhaus Lab I: Schedule (August 19th to November 16th 2013)

W E E K   1: August 19-23th 2013

The first week is an introductory week: we provide an overview about the history of the Bauhaus in Dessau and the current activities of the Foundation. The Lab members introduce themselves and their project ideas. Furthermore we want to explore theoretical positions and historical references towards an Architecture after speculation– as conceptual frames and design position. The result of the week should be summarized in a visualization reflecting theoretical notions and key topics. 

  • Monday August 19th

10 am-1 pm: Welcome and Introduction in the program

3 pm-5 pm: Bauhaus guided tour with Frank Thinius

6 pm: Reception

  • Tuesday August 20th

9:45 am-11 am: Bauhaus Masterhouse guided tour with Frank Thinius

11 am-1 pm: Introductory talk: Towards a speculative architecture: theoretical concepts and historical references, Regina Bittner

2 pm-6 pm: Individual Presentation of the Lab Members, Guest: Philipp Oswalt

7 pm-9 pm: Lecture: The Charta of Dubai, Sabine Mueller (SMAQ)

  • Wednesday August 21th

10 am-12 am: Group discussion on conceptual approaches and individual project ideas 

1 pm-4 pm: Neoliberal urbanism: theoretical positions, Reading assignment – group discussion (Reader with texts will be provided)

  • Thursday August 22th

10 am-12 am: Walk through the Dessau Toerten Estate (design Walter Gropius 1926-1928, Houses with extended balcony design Hannes Meyer 1928-1930)

1 pm-5 pm: Group work: 20th century Architectural discourses on crisis: Great Depression following 1929; Oil Crisis 1970th; Financial crisis 2008  

  • Friday August 23th

10 am-5 pm: Group work: collection of material and key topics, building the structure for a diagrammatic representation

W E E K  2: August 25th-30th 2013

  • Monday August 25th: Group Meeting: Elaboration of a two dimensional approach, Architecture in respond to crisis, The Spanish case. Development of a research/thematic framework in respect to the individual project ideas
  • August 26th-30th: Workshop: The Spanish Housing bubble, Lectures and workshop. Guest: Isabel Concheiros

W E E K   3: September 2nd – 6th 2013

Architectural Responses to crisis

Research on historical or current projects and initiatives addressing architecture and financial crisis:

What are the key issues/objectives of these projects: empowerment/ community projects/ public spaces/ institution building   

What design strategies have been introduced?

What means social architecture/critical design?

(e.g. community design, consultancy, self build, farming, re-use, curate, moderate, educate, communicate )

W E E K  4: September 8th-13th 2013

Preparation of the excursion

Introduction of Research Methods

Discussion of the Research objectives of the group members in respect to individual projects  

Itinerary, Research agenda, Contacts with groups, initiatives and institutions

  • September 14th

Exhibition opening NGBK Berlin

Self Made Urbanism Rome 

W E E K  5: Excursion to Spain (Valencia, Madrid)

  • September 16th-19th: Valencia
  • September 19th-25th: Madrid
  • September 20th: Meeting with Angel L. Fernández,Professor of Architectural Design School of Architecture Universidad Europea de Madrid
  • September 21th-22th: Meeting with Basurama Madrid
  • September  24th-25th: Meeting with Carlos Arroyo Madrid

W E E K  6: September 30th-October 4th 2013

  • Evaluation and Organization of the Research Material in space – Sorting out the findings, definition of themes and curatorial ideas 

W E E K 7: October 7th-11th 2013

  • Workshop with Carlos Arroyo

Behind the walls: X Ray photograph of a vacant site (a archaelogical examination of the hidden spatial structural principles of a vacant site streets, walls, windows, lawns) 

  • October 10th 2013

2pm-5pm: Midterm presentation with Philipp Oswalt

  • October 11th

7pm: Lecture by Daniel Libeskind Bauhaus stage

W E E K S   8-12: October 14th-November 1st

 Work phase

W E E K S   13-14

  • November 4th-15th 2013: Final production phase- mounting of the exhibition, Together with Carlos Arroyo
  • November 15th 2013: Final presentation with Guest Critiques, Bauhaus Building