Bauhaus Lab II: In reserve: Concerning the architecture of the reservoir

Global Seed Vault in Svalbard/Norway. Fotograf: Bastian Bartz, 2010
  • duration: aug 18 to nov 14 2014
  • application deadline ended on june 15 2014

In connection with the opening of completed Master’s House ensemble, the “Haushaltsmesse 2015” will present positions on household management in the twenty-first century. In the scope of this project the Bauhaus Lab will already start to focus in 2014 on contemporary storage practices, based on the example of selected reservoirs. It will examine food reservoir architectures on diverse levels – from the domestic store cupboard to suburban logistics facilities and global seed banks such as the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway, which “preserves crop diversity for the future”. This global grain, rice and soya reservoir is designed to ensure human survival in the age of climate catastrophes, a lack of resources and genetically modified foodstuffs in the context of an international agroindustry.

as early as 1913, Hermann Muthesius had expressed admiration for the majestic phenomenon of large-scale industrial buildings in the industrial fatherland. Taut, Le Corbusier, Mendelsohn and Gropius frequently refer back to the corn silos of Buffalo or Minneapolis as models for a functional architecture suited to modern industry.

The three-month, thematically orientated programme is intended for young professionals in the fields of architecture, design, curatorial practice and art, who have already qualified and are entering into an own critical research-orientated experimental design practice. Here, young designers can work together with tutors in experimental constellations in which they test the diverse methods and strategies of design research in concrete projects. Applicants for the Bauhaus Lab are asked to submit a statement of interest to the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation by 15.06.2014