Bauhaus Magazine
issue 4 – Photo

The fourth issue of bauhaus magazine focuses on Bauhaus photography.

Accompanying the exhibition "A Picture of the Bauhaus. The photo collection of Thomas Walther" (5th December 2012 until 24th February 2013), it is dedicated to the photographical legacy of Bauhaus: the photographic imaging techniques of one László Moholy-Nagy, for whom work with the camera meant the visualization of an idea, rather than the depiction of an external reality. His opposite, Walter Peterhans however focused on nothing less than a precise assessment of reality. T. Lux Feininger, on the other hand, was interested in the social moment, Umbo in portrait and photojournalism. The New Vision – invented by Moholy-Nagy – knew many facets and exceptional perspectives.

Issue #4: PHOTO wants to give a review and at the same time show, that there is no such genre as Bauhaus photography.

Adventures of a collector: A conversation with THOMAS WALTHER about inspiring photographs, the playful aspect of the Bauhaus and Florence Henri's lipstick.

The Value of the New Vision: ROLF SACHSSE on the history of how Bauhaus photography became art.

The Reality of the Image: GOTTFRIED JÄGER discovers the autonomy of a new medium in the photographs of László Moholy-Nagy.

The Photographers' House: WOLFGANG THÖNER explores the
birthplace of Bauhaus photography in the Dessau master's houses.

Glued in and Filed away: TORSTEN BLUME on the photo albums of the Bauhauslers, which document the attitude to life at the historic school.

From Bauhaus to Hannover: CORD RIECHELMANN explores the estate of the consummate photographer, Umbo, and discover life amidst masterpieces and yoghurt cups.

Aerial Photography Automata: FRANZISKA BRONS on Moholy-Nagy's fascination with pigeon photography.

External Wallpaper: ANJA GUTENBERGER reveals the common ground shared by the photogram wallpapers of Elsa Thiemann and the architecture of Herzog & de Meuron.

The Digital Avant-Garde: CHRISTIN KRAUSE and DANIEL NIGGEMANN present six artists who explore the possibilities of digital photography and the internet.

China between enthusiasm for Bauhaus and shrinking, a speech for the defense of Hannes Meyer, the erotic touch in Marcel Breuer's tubular steel furniture, Bauhaus in Moscow and an interview with the artist Marcel Dzama on his tribute to Schlemmer.  

This issue is the second and last under the art direction of Matthias Kreutzer and Jens Schildt form the studio OUR POLITE SOCIETY (Amsterdam/Stockholm), graphic designer of the year 2013 will be Cyan from Berlin. 

bauhaus, issue #4
152 pages, german/english
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