bauhaus magazine 5 – Tropics

The fifth issue of bauhaus magazine is dedicated to places of longing of european avant-garde – between Latin America, Africa and Asia

Vanishing point and source of inspiration, area of conversion and hideaway: tropics were not without influence on European modernism and thus, also on Bauhaus. Issue no. 5 of bauhaus magazine, which was published by the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in June 2013, follows the Bauhauslers' exotic paths to Latin America, Africa and Asia and also shows, that there was an interest in modernism's inherent promise of emancipation

  • Tropical nakedness: TORSTEN BLUME explores why the new human being in the modern age had to first emerge from his shell
  • Tropical chairs: HANS PETER HAHN analyses how Gunta Stölzl and Marcel Breuer introduced a departure from the traditions of European seating with the help of the African throne
  • Tropical Bauhaus: In Calcutta, REGINA BITTNER discovers a fascinating arena for the West-East divans of the Twenties
  • Tropical building: Architects MADHAV RAMAN and A.G. KRISHNA MENON discuss India’s long journey to an independent building culture
  • Tropical Le Corbusier: Photographer HEIDI SPECKER on MG Road in Ahmedabad
  • Tropical housing: CAROLA EBERT and STEFAN LOCKE relate how the Bengali peasant’s hut became a global phenomenon: The bungalow
  • Tropically proscribed: MARION VON OSTEN on the Nazi party’s perfidious propaganda campaign against the Weißenhof Estate in Stuttgart
  • Tropical development: ZVI EFRAT describes Israel’s architectural offensive in Africa, which reached a climax with Arieh Sharon’s campus for the University of Ife in Nigeria
  • Tropical design: How design was exported from the Ulm School of Design to India in the Sixties. A conversation with Prof. RANJAN
  • Tropical weaving: On the trail of Anni Albers in Mexico, BRENDA DANILOWITZ sees pre-Colombian art as a source of inspiration for her weaving
  • Tropical East: PETER MÜLLER asks why Hannes Meyer pined for the GDR from Lugano, and why the Socialist Unity Party of Germany denied him a role in the reconstruction of East Berlin
  • Tropical museum: REGINA BITTNER and PHILIPP OSWALT ask culture manager MARTIN HELLER how the Humboldt Forum could become a “Centre of World Cultures” 

O R D E R   O N L I N E

Bauhaus, issue 5
Day of publishing 6th June 2013
152 p. german/english
ISBN 978-3-940064-68-4
€ 8,- (+ shipping)