Bauhaus Magazine
issue 6 – Schlemmer!

Issue # 6 of magazine "bauhaus" is dedicated to one of the most miscellaneous and most famous Bauhaus artist: Oskar Schlemmer, who is about to be re-discovered by museums worldwide in 2014.

From 1921 to 1929, he was head of several workshops in Weimar and Dessau and made Bauhaus stage a theater-laboratory with international meaning. Schlemmer also was one of the groundbreaking painters in the 20th century and therefore had a crucial influence on the image of the "New human".  Bauhaus #6 "Schlemmer!" which is published in January 2014 introduces life and work of the multi-talented genius with contributions on the "Triadic Balet", the meaning of his masterpiece "Bauhaus stairway", or his last years in "inner emigration", which he spent in a lacquer factory in Wuppertal. Additionally, a Do-it-yourself instruction by the French artist BlexBolex shows how to dance the Schlemmer right and the second part of the issue brings international Bauhaus from all over the Bauhaus world.

The Charm of the Mechanical: TORSTEN BLUME explains why the artificial human figure played such an important part in Schlemmer’s work and what it can still tell us today

Masterpiece of Avant-garde Theatre: FRANZ ANTON CRAMER on the success story of the "Triadic Ballet"

The History of a Reconstruction: how choreographer and dancer Gerhard Bohner repaired a myth in the Seventies – a photo essay by GERT WEIGELT

Ethical Idea, Aesthetic Form: INA CONZEN analyses how, during the war, Oskar Schlemmer found his mission in new art

The Master Speaks: an imaginary interview about the Bauhaus spirit, the dilemma of painting and the foibles of Paul Klee – held by GESINE BAHR and INGOLF KERN

Revolution in Zwenkau: WALTER PRIGGE describes how Oskar Schlemmer pioneered modern wire sculpture in the Rabe House

Last Exit Wuppertal: GERDA BREUER traces the banned artist’s journey into inner emigration, which brought him to a paint factory

Dance the Schlemmer: TOSTEN BLUME and BLEXBOLEX with a danceable set of instructions

The Answer is No: those who wanted to exhibit works by Schlemmer in the past decades risked provoking a quarrel with his heirs. PETER RAUE writes a chronicle from the legal point of view

The Legend Lives On: KARIN VON MAUR examines how the painting Bauhaus Staircase came to be so famous

Bauhaus, issue 6
152 p. german/english
ISBN 978-3-944669-13-7
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