bauhaus magazine 6 – Schlemmer!

Issue # 6 of magazine "bauhaus" is dedicated to one of the most miscellaneous and most famous Bauhaus artist: Oskar Schlemmer, who is about to be re-discovered by museums worldwide in 2014.

From 1921 to 1929, he was head of several workshops in Weimar and Dessau and made Bauhaus stage a theater-laboratory with international meaning. Schlemmer also was one of the groundbreaking painters in the 20th century and therefore had a crucial influence on the image of the "New human".  Bauhaus #6 "Schlemmer!" which is published in January 2014 introduces life and work of the multi-talented genius with contributions on the "Triadic Balet", the meaning of his masterpiece "Bauhaus stairway", or his last years in "inner emigration", which he spent in a lacquer factory in Wuppertal. Additionally, a Do-it-yourself instruction by the French artist BlexBolex shows how to dance the Schlemmer right and the second part of the issue brings international Bauhaus from all over the Bauhaus world.

  • The Charm of the Mechanical: TORSTEN BLUME explains why the artificial human figure played such an important part in Schlemmer’s work and what it can still tell us today
  • Masterpiece of Avant-garde Theatre: FRANZ ANTON CRAMER on the success story of the "Triadic Ballet"
  • The History of a Reconstruction: how choreographer and dancer Gerhard Bohner repaired a myth in the Seventies – a photo essay by GERT WEIGELT
  • Ethical Idea, Aesthetic Form: INA CONZEN analyses how, during the war, Oskar Schlemmer found his mission in new art
  • The Master Speaks: an imaginary interview about the Bauhaus spirit, the dilemma of painting and the foibles of Paul Klee – held by GESINE BAHR and INGOLF KERN
  • Revolution in Zwenkau: WALTER PRIGGE describes how Oskar Schlemmer pioneered modern wire sculpture in the Rabe House
  • Last Exit Wuppertal: GERDA BREUER traces the banned artist’s journey into inner emigration, which brought him to a paint factory
  • Dance the Schlemmer: TORSTEN BLUME and BLEXBOLEX with a danceable set of instructions
  • The Answer is No: those who wanted to exhibit works by Schlemmer in the past decades risked provoking a quarrel with his heirs. PETER RAUE writes a chronicle from the legal point of view
  • The Legend Lives On: KARIN VON MAUR examines how the painting Bauhaus Staircase came to be so famous

O R D E R I N G   O N L I N E

Bauhaus, issue 6
Day of publishing 2nd January 2014
152 p. german/english
ISBN 978-3-944669-13-7
€ 8,- (+ shipping)