Bauhaus Residence

Here in the complex of Masters’ Houses, Walter Gropius, Oskar Schlemmer, Georg Muche, László Moholy-Nagy, Lyonel Feininger, Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee lived next door to one another with their families and wives and frequently enjoyed the company of friends and guests. 

With the Residency programme, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation engages artists to live and work in the Houses Muche and Schlemmer. In 2017, the residencies step into a contemporary artistic and researching debate connected to the foundation's annual theme Substance. Every artist’s residency will be accompanied by a public presentation of their works at House Gropius.

The Residency artists 2017

  • 1 Feb – 10 Mar

Markus Hoffmann, Berlin // Invitiation, 1st stay Bauhaus
born in Germany, living in Berlin

  • 2 Feb – 31 Mar

Paul Beckett, Frankfurt/Main // Shared Residency Kurt-Weill-Fest Dessau
born in Großbritannien, living in Frankfurt/Main

  • 6 Feb – 31 Mar

Špela Mastnak, Slovenia // Shared Residency Kurt-Weill-Fest Dessau
born in Slovenia, living in Salzburg

  • 20 Feb – 19 Mar

Clemens Krauss, Berlin // Invitiation
born in Austria, living in Berlin

  • 1 June – 30 Aug

2 artists N.N., Open Call running until 16 Feb // Shared Residency SYN Foundation 
as part of the project "Smart Materials Satellites" (15 July – 22 Oct, Steel House, Törten Estate, Dessau)

  • 26 June – 7 July

Markus Hoffmann, Berlin // Invitiation, 2nd stay
born in Germany, living in Berlin

  • 17 July – 11 Aug

Jakob Gautel, Paris // Invitiation
born in Germany, living in Paris

  • 14 Aug – 31 Oct

Amor Muñoz, Mexico City // Open Call
born in Mexico, living in Yucatàn, Mexiko
Amor Muñoz on Vimeo

  • 14 Aug – 31 Oct

Andrea Canepa, Valencia // Open Call
born in Peru, living in Valencia and Berlin

Within the scope of the Shared Residency together with the MMCA, Bauhaus Residency artist Rudy Decelière, Geneva, will be guest in Seoul from 1 June to 30 August 2017.

Head of project

Dr. Alexia Pooth
Phone +49-(0)340-6508-467