Open Call 2017 -
Terms of application

Living and working in the Masters' Houses in Dessau.

Bauhaus Residence

In the 1920’s the Masters' Houses in Dessau became the epitome of an artist community of the twentieth century. This is where Walter Gropius, Oskar Schlemmer, Georg Muche, László Moholy-Nagy, Lyonel Feininger, Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee and their families lived next door to each other. Here they were joined by their friends and visitors. Artist collectives, artist couples and artist friendships developed here, with everyone working together in the open structure of the model homes located in a park. However, when the Bauhaus people left in 1933 the area became deserted and the work created as a result of the artistic effort was abandoned.

Since February 2016 and for the first time since 90 years the foundation Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau is enabling young international artists to once again live and work in the Muche/ Schlemmer duplex house – even if the restrictions of the perseveration of cultural heritage attached to the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site are very strict. With the new format the foundation Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau would like to promote the current focus of attention on the Bauhaus heritage, revitalise the Meisterhaus Ensemble and in this context promote artistic and creative work of international significance which will then at the end of the residency period be displayed in the Gropius House until the Bauhaus anniversary in 2019.

Participation conditions

The programme is catering to international artists with an overall interest in all those areas that are historically being represented by Bauhaus and that have developed from it until today:

  • Painting, product design, textile design, music, performing arts, architecture, photography

Application (German or English)

  • Curriculum vitae
  • A letter of motivation
  • An artist’s portfolio
  • A concrete project that can be completed during the residential period and which has a relation to Bauhaus (approx. two pages). Preferable is also a reference to the foundation’s topic for 2017 “Substance”.

    It is all about the substance of ideas, the substance as a substance and material, but also substantial forms. Which kind of influence has art on our perception on the substance of things today?
    The Bauhaus in Dessau has set new standards with its buildings and objects with respect to the materials used. New combinations and techniques have allowed a new design language and thus a new aesthetic. Whereas in the 1920s mainly steel, glass and concrete stood for design solutions for a new human, so today smart materials, virtual reality and multimedia aspects seem to be trendsetting.

Closing date for applications


  • In the autumn of 2016 two artists will be selected for the year 2017. This will be announced on 4 December 2016 on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Bauhaus building.

  • The jury consists of
    Dr Claudia Perren, director of Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau;
    Dr Thomas Köhler, director of the Berlinische Galerie;
    Katja Aßmann, art director of the Urbane Künste Ruhr;
    Gabi Schillig, professor for three-dimensional design at the Hochschule Düsseldorf – design faculty of the Peter Behrens School of Arts, and
    Dr Alexia Pooth, research associate of Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau

The foundation’s performances

Bauhaus Dessau Foundation will provide the selected artists with the following for three months:

  • Living and work space in the Muche/ Schlemmer House
  • A monthly expense allowance of 1,200 euros
  • Opportunities for giving presentations and performances and engaging in discussions during their stay
  • Support in their research work, in organising events along with technical assistance and public relations activities
  • Public presentations of their work in the Gropius House at the end of their stay where the work will remain until 2019

The artists‘ obligations

  • Purchase of the material required for their work
  • Medical and indemnity insurance
  • Visa
  • Living expenses, provisions

With the assistance of Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau, the artists are free to apply for additional external funding for their stay.

Artists-in-Residence time period

The three-monthly Artist-in-Residence stays will take place between April and October 2017 in consultation with the foundation. You are expected to be present in Dessau.


Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
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