Bauhaus Shanghai Stalinallee Ha­-Neu.
The life of architect Richard Paulick, 1903­–1979

25 June – 23 Aug 2020
Bauhaus Building

The exhibition is the first to por­tray the life of architect Richard Paulick: From the Bauhaus in Dessau and his time in Shang­hai to building within a national tradition on Stalinalle and the return to modernism. During a time in the early 1950s when the Bauhaus was perceived as “formalist” and “cosmopolitan” in the GDR, the Bauhaus mem­ber Paulick became “head of the construction team at Stalin­ alle”. This despite the fact that he had resisted the historicist turn in the GDR’s building in­dustry at first. In the mid-1950s the industrialisation of the build­ing industry and a return to mo­dernity gained popularity – and Paulick seemed the right man to lead the development of en­tire cities such as Hoyerswerda, Schwedt and Halle­Neustadt.

An exhibition by the Hermann Henselmann Foundation.