Topic : Bauhaus Stage – Experiments on Body and Space

In the 1920s the Bauhaus Stage was a legendary project of the Modern Theatre. Founded in Weimar, under the direction of Oskar Schlemmer the Bauhaus Stage became a unique place for revolutionary experiments with body and space. In Dessau she received her manifestation in the architecture of the Bauhaus Building, the center of which it marks.

Since the 1970s she has been revived gradually dance, theatre music and performance projects. Today, the stage is again a laboratory for performative experiments, where actors and dancers, artists and other disciplines jointly develop projects. A special emphasis is placed on experiments that stage the space.

An extensive program revives this central place in the Bauhaus Building with diverse formats, which reflect the concepts of the historic stage and update them at the same time in the context of current discourses on theatre. Visitors find a vital interface between content work and procurement, history and present.