Bauhaus Study Rooms 2023
Design­Acts: Gestures of Performative Research

// International Network Meeting
15 + 16 June 2023
TA T Berlin + Matters of Activity-Zentrallabor + Bauhaus Dessau

Performative dimensions of design, sensory cognition and body knowledge were essential modules of Bauhaus theory. In the context of this year's thematic preoccupation of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation with the human body, the Bauhaus Study Rooms 2023 focus on the topic of performativity as an integral component of design processes and design activities. Design is viewed as a reciprocal process and a corporeal activity. In keynote speeches and round-table discussion, alumnx of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation’s education programmes (Bauhaus Lab and Coop Design Research MSc programme) and other international guests discuss the extent to which performative methods contribute to new design approaches that develop design as a field embracing the heterogeneous potentials of a socially inclusive and environmentally just cultural practice.

Performative exercises, guided tours and experimental workshops complete the programme.

The two-day mini festival is conducted by the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in cooperation with Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and the Cluster of Excellence Matters of Activity at Humboldt University Berlin.

With contributions by Mert Aytaç, Benno Brucksch, Laurence Douny, Elizabeth Hong, Anja Kaiser, Rebekka Ladewig, Louise Mazet, Saloni Dilip Mhapsekar, Kristine Pace, Andrea Palašti, Patricia Ribault, Estela Mendes Ribeiro, Maxie Schneider, Åsa Ståhl, Paula Strunden, Vivien Tauchmann, 
Angelika Waniek, and many others.

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The Bauhaus Study Rooms were conceived in 2020 as an opportunity to intensively engage with the annual theme of the Foundation, and to consider it from the perspective of the three different educational programmes (Coop Design Research MSc programmeBauhaus Lab research programme, and the Bauhaus Open Studios teaching residency) of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. By inviting alumnx from each programme and international guests, the Foundation aims to create a hybrid temporary learning space, which allows to explore and experience the conditions of collective knowledge production. 

Direction and Concept
Regina Bittner, Vera Lauf, Stephan Pinkau

Vera Lauf

Assistance Coordination
Sahar Shamssharif

Spacial Design & Key Visual
Anja Kaiser

Thomas Meyer, Yvonne Tenschert

Marcus Wozny

Production Team:
André Johae, Konstantin Loth, Henning Seilkopf, René Wollschläger, Holger Ziolkowski

Ute König, Domenik Pasemann, Yvonne Tenschert