Bruno Fioretti Marquez

[ Berlin ]

In 1995 Piero Bruno, Donatella Fioretti and José Gutierrez Marquez founded their own practice, Bruno Fioretti Marquez. The studio, which opened a second branch office in Lugano in 2009, is active internationally. The production of their practice, being almost exclusively the result of successful competitions, has a wide and heterogeneous range that goes from cultural, educational to administration and housing projects. The transformation of existing buildings, some of them listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites, has become one of the focus in the work of Bruno Fioretti Marquez. Their work as architects has developed along with their work as teachers through lectures, workshops and summer academies at various universities in Europe and America.

Piero Bruno currently teaches at the University of Stuttgart, Donatella Fioretti at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and José Gutierrez Marquez at the Bauhaus-Universität  Weimar.