Sat 4.9
Bauhaus Building and City Area

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4 – 8 p.m.
Connecting Figures
// Travelling exhibition with mobile composite figurines.
Bauhaus Museum, via Stadtpark, campus of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, mausoleum in the Georgium to the Bauhaus building.

With students of the HS Anhalt Dessau,
Mikhail Lylow, Torsten Blume

The connecting figures refer on the one hand to the project Xist*innen, which will be presented by Mikhail Lylov and others with Torsten Blume in November 2021 as a moving metabolistic laborator  on the Appia stage. They are conceptual characters that manifest an existential kinship between humans and all other living beings and habitats on earth. On the other hand, they are a reminiscence of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus festivals: in 1921, the first major Bauhaus festival – the Dragon Festival - took place in Weimar.
Just as the students of the Weimar Bauhaus walked with colourful dragon figures and abstract stick puppets from the school to the Ilmschlößchen restaurant – the actual site of the first Bauhaus festival – the connecting figures will parade through Dessau for the Bauhaus festival in 2021. By walking from the Bauhaus Museum, through the city park to the campus of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and to the mausoleum in the Georgium and finally to the historic Bauhaus building, they not only connect old and new Bauhaus buildings. They also point to the connection with partners in Dessau; not least with the Kurt Weill Festival taking place at the same time.

7 p.m. / 8 p.m. / 9 p.m. / 10 p.m. / 11 p.m.
Parcours on the Bauhaus Grounds:

// Figure Games in the Festival Grounds
// Space Games between Stage and Refectory
// Structural Games between Stairs and Workshop
// Time Games in artistry and film between Workshop and Bridge
// Tissue Games as an exhibition course in the Workshop Building
// Rhythm Games between Outdoor Stage and Bauhaus-Klub

9 p.m.
Speakers Corner, Room 1.20
// Reading and Performance

Judith Raum: Anni and the feline, 2019/21, Lecture Performance

Anni Albers? No, contrary to what the title suggests, this mixture of artistic performance and lecture format is not about Anni Albers, one of the best-known protagonists of the Bauhaus textile workshop, but about the textile designer Otti Berger, whose fabric designs artist Judith Raum has been working with for several years. And how does the feline fit into the picture? In her lecture performance, Judith Raum interweaves photos of previously unpublished fabrics and other archive materials by Otti Berger, stored in international archives and brought before the camera there by the artist, with a narrative about Berger's activities as a designer, including during the National Socialist era. Ropes and cords are also used to make sculptural changes in the space, so that images, facts and materials begin to mix and influence each other until the audience becomes part of the action.

45 min, German

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