Elisabeth Kremer

Research Associate

Elisabeth Kremer has been a research associate at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation since 1 April 1993. She has been responsible for several ExWoSt research and model projects of the federal government on “Family and Age-Friendly Urban Neighbourhoods” and “Youth in Urban Neighbourhoods”. In these model projects, she conceived an approach of performative planning, which she published in the book Stadtpark in Bewegung and further essays.  

Another focus of her work is the spatial design of the mobility transition. To this end, she conducted analyses of regional potentials of the mobility turnaround, mobility labs with regional actors and an experimental workshop and open space exhibition with drafts for a Bauhaus cycle path. The guiding questions here were: What spaces and atmospheres are created by cycling and how can they be translated into urban design?

As a member of the Bauhausstadt working group, she developed a concept for the open-space exhibition Invisible Places, which presents Bauhaus life, places of design activity of the Bauhaus in Dessau and the city of Dessau as a patron and prominent place of design for the Bauhaus. In the design project Passages, the route Bauhaus – City was staged. Dance, architecture, design and art met in the design of choreographic objects.