Bauhaus Agents Dessau
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In the Bauhaus Agents programme and beyond, numerous smaller and larger design exercises, films and audio pieces have been produced that convey the Bauhaus in its various facets, its history and its topicality. The exercises are designed for all target groups in terms of age and previous personal creative knowledge. Their playful, experimental character is intended to encourage people to approach the Bauhaus in a practical way, at their own pace, in their own context and in their own interest, and to become active.

Your feedback on our digital offerings

We Bauhaus Agents from Dessau are pleased to present some of the digital services we have developed. In order to further develop the offers and to be able to include the needs of our users, we ask you to share your personal assessments, insights and wishes with us on this page.

Thank you for taking part!

The Bauhaus Agents from Dessau

1. which offer did you try out and to what extent did it inspire you to take a closer look at the Bauhaus theme?

2. What else would you like to know about the Bauhaus?

3. For whom or what should the Bauhaus institutions be more involved in the future and why?

4. Which digital offers on the topic of Bauhaus would you still like to see?