The Bauhaus building in Dessau is a built manifestation of the design school’s curriculum. The material evidence found in the Foundation’s collections of both work in the workshops and lessons are likewise unique didactic objects and knowledge carriers. After all, the Bauhaus set a precedent worldwide: Universities based on the tradition of Bauhaus pedagogy include Ahmedabad, Santiago de Chile, Shanghai or Harvard. With its education programmes, the Academy of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation wishes to update the programmatic approaches and international revisions of the Bauhaus’s pedagogical heritage in different learning, research and teaching formats.

The education formats Bauhaus Studio, Bauhaus Lab and Bauhaus Master invite international art schools and universities, young professionals and students from the fields of architecture, design, curatorial practice and cultural studies to the Bauhaus: Together, an international platform for lively dialogue between museum practice  and  pedagogical experiments should take shape, which updates this historic heritage of the Bauhaus for contemporary design education, curatorial practice and design research.

The programs in detail:

Bauhaus open studios

University and Art Academy Teachers with their classes explore pedagogic experiments in design education during a temporary stay at the Bauhaus.

Bauhaus Lab

Global Modernism

Young Architects, designer, curator and  scholars research and curate collaboratively within three month themes  on global modernism.

Bauhaus Master Programm


Internationale graduates engage  in the one year MSc program with the Bauhaus` legacy of design research. The program is conducted  by Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in cooperation with Humboldt University Berlin.