Open workshop in the
Bauhaus Building

Every Wednesday, 4 – 6 pm
(school vacations and public holidays etc. excluded)
Bauhaus Building
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Age 8 – 14 years

Whether with or without prior knowledge: Everyone finds a place in the Open Workshop! We take the Bauhäuslers and their interest in experimentation as a model for our own work in the workshop. For the Bauhäuslers, experimentation with techniques and materials was a basic prerequisite for creation. We would like to take up this idea and print our own typefaces, develop letters and collages, build masks and shoot stop-motion animations. There are no limits to the imagination! Participants will be accompanied by artists, designers and art educators.

Meeting place:
Visitor Center Bauhaus Building Dessau
Gropiusallee 38, 06846 Dessau-Roßlau, Germany

Hygiene education – advertising strategies

8 + 15 + 22 + 29 June and 6 + 13 July

In our workshop, 35mm films, including industrial and commercial films, film trailers, and short films will be misappropriated. The film strips are re-mounted with a cutting device and processed by hand with pens, brushes, spatulas, scissors as well as adhesive pictures. In this way, a new, creative, abstract short film with advertising images and slogans on the subject of hygiene is created in the workshops. The result is digitized and later made available online to the participants.

Vegan, Vegetarian, Flexitarian

31 Aug, 7 + 14 + 21 + 28 Sep and 5 Oct

Who am I and what do I eat? We will collect recipes and find a new form for a personal cookbook. In the workshops in August and September, among other things, we will make experiments with light and color, see what looks really delicious, cook a soup together and think up our own recipes. 

Water Culture

26 Oct and 2 + 9 + 16 + 23 + 30 Nov

Small and large investigations in the Open Workshop provide insights into the world of water as an invaluable elixir of life. We engage in exercises on the perception and effect of water. Light reflections, transparency, reflections and optical illusions play a role. We smell and taste water in its various forms, dye T-shirts, make inks, boil down natural materials and blot them onto different types of paper. All with the tool water!


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