Open Studio Tallinn
Space Strategies

  • 18.4. – 29.4.2016 at the Bauhaus Dessau.

Tallinn University of Technology, Estland and Universität der Künste Berlin, International Joint Master`s Programme of European Architecture
Prof. Rhys Martin, Prof. Dr. Dagmar Jäger and Dr. Claudia Perren

The international, postgraduate students of the Reiseuni_lab arrive from Israel to Dessau to investigate spatial, urban concepts of “Vision (perceiving, learning) in Motion” during two weeks.

Space Strategies. Interdisciplinary, moving interventions in neglected areas of the city

“Traditionally, movement means change, emergence and progress. 2016, the annual programme of the Bauhaus foundation focus on the phenomenon “Movement at Bauhaus”, starting from the historical position towards the contemporary and future relevance Movement ordinarily stands for change, for new beginnings and progress. In its annual programme for 2016 the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation explores the phenomenon of movement at the Bauhaus from a historic perspective with regard to its current and future relevance.” (Dr. Claudia Perren, Bauhaus Programme 2016).


The workshop aim is the conceptualization of an “urban & spatial network of interventions for knowledge transfer” with 3 main gaols: First, to trace the historical biographies of the existing representations and related sites of the Bauhaus period until 1933 in a contextual typology of a “public realm exhibition”; second, to connect the historical ‘network’ with the new buildings and artistic projects related to the Bauhaus like the Museum 2019, and third, to relate the pioneer buildings of the historical period  with the international impact of the modern movement, spatial positions and reform concepts in architecture and workshop experiment.

Individual investigations and perceptions create the basis for development of a network proposal as a team during the first week. The investigation of six selected sites within the spatial network leads to heterogeneous and trans medial proposals of knowledge transfer in the public realm – an exhibition pathway as a public space choreography, with multiple interventions. The results will be presented and finally discussed with local stakeholders of the city & the foundation.