Fieger House
by Carl Fieger (1927)

Carl Fieger was a draughtsman in Gropius’s private architectural office and one of his closest colleagues. From 1927, he also taught part-time in the building department at the Bauhaus. The detached house on Alte Leipziger Straße, today Südstraße, is located above a gravel pit that was used in the first phase of the construction of the Törten Estate. This way, the process of excavating the entire basement level could be omitted. The construction of the house followed in summer 1927.

The house is the only design realised from a series of plans for small houses, which were to be built along rational lines and with flexible room partitions. Fieger shows, in the design of the house, the hallmarks of his own unique approach, which differs from Gropius’s. The cubic body of the building is accentuated by a protruding semi-circular staircase in the west and a terrace in the south.

Haus Fieger, Gartenseite, 1995 / Foto: Markus Behnke
Haus Feiger, Gartenseite, 1997 / Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau, Foto: Wolfgang Thöner
Haus Fieger in der Sioedlung Törten, Straßenansicht, 2011 / Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau, Foto: Christoph Petras

The ground floor has a living room and a bedroom. These are only separated by fitted cupboards and a sliding door so that they can be connected to form one large room during the day. The kitchen features a serving hatch to the living room. The house has a surface area of 74 m². The interior fittings and furnishings were made in the Bauhaus workshops in accordance with the architect’s concepts.

A few years after Carl Fieger’s death, the house was sold and an extension added by the new occupants. Today, the house is still a private residence, and is not open to the public.

not possible – private residence