The Bauhaus Agents started their work, supported by the German Federal Cultural Foundation

What role do art and culture play in releasing the individual’s creative power and in shaping society? How do we wish to live in future? In what kinds of houses? In what kinds of cities?

Communicating the Bauhaus in the 21st century

The Bauhaus asked these still relevant questions and many more almost 100 years ago. The centenary of the Bauhaus in 2019 presents an excellent opportunity to convey just how topical the Bauhaus was and is. As a place for imparting knowledge the Bauhaus Museum Dessau, which will open in time for the Bauhaus Centenary 2019, will be central to this. The German Federal Cultural Foundation is supporting the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation with the conceptual development of work in education that will be realised by the Bauhaus Agencies project over the next three years.

With a broadly defined education programme, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation and the German Federal Cultural Foundation aim to place a special emphasis on the future direction of the new museum: The Bauhaus Agencies, working together with schoolchildren, teachers, artists, designers, architects and urban researchers, will develop new formats for an innovative and comprehensive education programme for the new Bauhaus museum. Comparable to a four-year training programme, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation and the schools will practice new approaches to education and collaboration. Thus, prior to the centenary year 2019, the subject of the Bauhaus will already have been established in the Bauhaus City’s schools and new pedagogical formats for education in schools will have been put to the test, further developed and also made available to other education sectors. The aim is to build up a modular system of educational formats that address the diverse themes of the Bauhaus, which will be used beyond the centenary year in Dessau’s schools, in the Bauhaus Museum Dessau and in as many other schools in Germany as possible.

In Dessau from 2016 to 2010, four Bauhaus Agencies will work with a total of 16 partner schools. All mainstream schools in Dessau can apply to participate as partner schools from spring 2016. Alongside the Bauhaus Agencies programme in Dessau, programmes sharing the same aim will be taking place in the Bauhaus institutions in Berlin and Weimar.