Bauhaus Festival 2022:
dappled, splotched, striped

// Festival
1 – 4 Sep 2022
Bauhaus Museum Dessau + Bauhaus Building
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“I am calling it ‘The White Festival.’ Four-fifths white and one fifth color. This will be: ‘dappled, splotched, and striped.’”, wrote Oskar Schlemmer on 20 March 1926, shortly before the first Bauhaus Festival in Dessau. The costume party was not just a declaration of belief in the school’s new location; it also established a new public Bauhaus festival culture, which the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation revived in 1997 with the Colour Festivals. 25 years on from the first innovative Bauhaus Festival, it is time for another large celebration in the city. The focus is on Schlemmer’s The Triadic Ballet, whose costumes were seen at the Bauhaus parties in the 1920s.

In cooperation with the City of Dessau-Roßlau, the Anhaltisches Theater, the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, and many other cultural players.

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