Magic Machines

// Exhibition Installation
Fri, 2 Sept 2022, 8.30 – 11 pm
Sat, 3 Sept 2022, 8 pm – 1 am
Bauhaus Building, room E.47, ground floor

Inspired by Kurt Schmitt’s Mechanical Ballet (premiered at the Bauhaus in Weimar in 1923) and the mechanical in Oskar Schlemmer’s stage work, the students of the Master’s programme Integrated Design and Intermedial Design explore phenomena of movement in space, object, form and colour. The narratives of the choreographed mechanical sequences and moving constellations of geometric shapes and colours of the time are reinterpreted. The fascination with kinetic effects, optical illusions, wind-driven mobiles, the motor function of automata or robots with sophisticated gears and amazing kinematics is expanded. Using current tools, virtual, cinematic, animated and other processes magically transform human understanding of the machine world.

Master’s students from the Intermedial Design and International Master Integrated Design programmes at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences under the direction of Uwe Gellert