Bauhaus Yoga in the Park

// Sport
So, 4. Sept 2022, 10 – 11 Uhr
City Park, meeting point Sonnenuhr

Not only the unity of art and craft, but also the harmony of body and mind played an important role at the Bauhaus. In a refreshing hour of Bauhaus Yoga, author and yoga teacher Sarah Elsing brings this holistic practice back to life. After a short excursus on the historical Bauhaus, there are relaxation exercises from Johannes Itten’s preliminary course. In simple yoga postures, we move from the point to the line to the plane to explore how the basic shapes square, circle and triangle feel in the body. The course concludes with a synaesthesia experiment based on Wassily Kandinsky to find out how receptive the senses have become to the arts.

In collaboration with Stadtpark in Bewegung