// Interactive installation, performance
Fr, 1 Sep 2023 +
Sa, 2 Sep 2023
Bauhaus Building, Auditorium

The installation Array is an arrangement of moving-head spotlights controlled by Kaiser Resonant Technology: An infrared camera observes all activity within and on the edge of the field and sends data to a server that controls the rotation, inclination and light emission, intensity, and colour of each moving head. The result is a sensitive, interactive-resonant field that gives viewers and performers the opportunity to experience the interaction of human beings and machine from close up.

The installation is open to walk in at all times and at certain times is switched from “sleep mode” to “active mode” by the performer.

PMD-ART Productions
Marcus Doering, Lars Scheibner | idea, concept
Shoko Seki | performance
André Bernhardt | programming
Robert Pflanz | stage design
Erik Swiatloch | sound

Supported by German government’s representative of culture and media in the programme NEUSTART KULTUR, tanz:digital of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.

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