Picnic in White

Sa, 2 Sep 2023, 17 – 8 pm
City Park

For more than six years now, the City Park in Motion in Dessau-Rosslau has hosted this sociable and connecting picnic format. With friends, family neighbours, acquaintance, and of course with strangers and the unacquainted, you can spend an afternoon on the small stage right at the Bauhaus Museum Dessau, eating, talking, laughing, and listening to live music. All the participants bring whatever strikes their fancy, a full picnic basket, white tablecloths, white dishes, candles, decorations, napkins, flowers and whatever else they need to spend a convivial afternoon. All participants must wear white clothing. Tables and benches are provided. If desired, food and drink can also be purchased on site.

Registration begins on 1 July: https://service.dessau-rosslau.de/de/einstieg-in-das-serviceportal.html