The Jazz Machine

Sa, 2 Sep 2023, 10.30 pm + 11.30 pm + 12.30 am
// Oversized kinetic fantasy object
Bauhaus Building, Outdoor Area

The enormous instrument weighing 5.5 metric tonnes was constructed from, among other things, parts from defunct farming machines, irrigation systems and a silo funnel. Sometimes gentle, sometimes brusque, sometimes groovy, the ensemble in interplay with the machine celebrates a music completely its own and a sound performance with sustainability.

Stefan Albrecht | engineer/inventor, bass, slide guitar
Micha Winkler | composition/artist. Conducting, tuba, trombone, etc.
Bertram Quosdorf | saxophone, clarinet, musical saw
Matthias Macht | percussion
Gustav Hentges | trumpet,[SSL1]  flugelhorn
Johann Giesecke | trombone, flute