// Performance
Fr, 1. Sep 2023 (Uraufführung) +
Sa, 2. Sep 2023
Bauhaus Building, Glass Room

The trio performance TUZUB 37 creates an approach to the eponymous dystopian fiction by Paul Gurk. In a closed-off, claustrophobic glass room, the protagonists are entirely on their own and must get out by finding a path to the necessary coexistence with one another. The conditions in this transparent space where nothing remains hidden and the situation itself result in a specific physicality of the protagonists and at times to a mixture of mistrust and strangeness. This tense overburdening is further reinforced by the sounds of a daxophone.

Kriton Beyer | daxophone, space
Furutani Michyiasu | performance, choreography
Ingo Reulecke | performance, idea, concept, choreography
Katharina Resch | artistic assistance