Bauhaus Study Rooms 2020

3 – 5 Dec 2020

International network meeting of the Bauhaus Alumni

From the Bauhaus Lab to the Bauhaus Open Studios and the Master’s degree in Coop Design Research – every year several hundred people from all over the world take part in the programmes of the Academy of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. These programmes were first joined together in 2019 as part of the Festival School Fundamental. At the same time, the Festival brought together a long-established network of international partners at the Bauhaus. Beginning in 2020, Bauhaus Study Rooms will build on this experience.

In this first edition of the Bauhaus Study Rooms, designers and architects, design researchers and activists discuss the annual theme of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation "Habitat" and reposition the discourse on Habitat in the context of contemporary discussions and practices.

The panel discussions, workshops, performances, talks, an exhibition opening, and virtual guided tours will be live-streamed on the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation's website.


Head of the Event, Curator: Prof Dr Regina Bittner
Coordination: Katja Klaus, Philipp Sack, Lilo Viehweg
Assistant Coordination: Mauricio Sosa Noreñia
Scientific Assistant Bauhaus Lab: Reda Berrada
Documentation: Valentina Buitrago García (blogging), Hurra Hurra Podcast of Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle with Prof. Christian Zöllner (podcasting)
Technics: Sebastian Czerny, Marcus Wozny
Broadcasting: Johannes Einfalt, Alexander König
Communications: Ute König, Caroline Jansky, Yvonne Tenschert
Heads of Master’s Degree Coop Design Research: Prof Stephan Pinkau, Prof Dr Regina Bittner