Bauhaus Taschenbuch 22:
Between Chairs. Design Pedagogies in Transcultural Dialogue

Why does a piece of furniture – designed in 1965 at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad by Hans Gugelot and Gajanan Upadhyaya – come with two names: the India Lounge and the 24/42 Chair? The lightweight chair, made out of teakwood and woven Indian cloth, echoed Gugelot’s system design furniture, a concept that was reinterpreted by Upadhyaya in India as a low cost furniture. The postgraduate research program Bauhaus Lab took that object as a starting point to investigate transcultural design discourses between the Ulm Scholl of Design (1953 – 1968) and the NID in Ahmedabad (since 1961). While the original chair went missing, in archives, libraries , interviews, and site visits, the participants of the Bauhaus Lab uncovered people, networks, and progressive pedagogies: The chair symbolized the vibrant international debates about what makes a socially responsible designer, as well as the radical pedagogies of the two design schools associated with it.

Edited by: Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

Texts by: Claudia I. Martinez, Oscar Kwong, Kathrin Rutschmann, Gwendolyn Kulick, Marlene Oeken, Marleen Grasse, Pedro Silva, Regina Bittner

Graphic design: Hort

Layout: 135 pages, numerous b&w and colour illustrations, softcover

Language: English

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