The Rainbow Fish. Multilingual reading for children from 4 years and adults

// Arena Blind Date

14 January 2020, 5 to 6 pm

Bauhaus Museum Dessau, Open Stage, free admission

In Marcus Pfister's book, the rainbow fish with its shimmering scales is the most beautiful fish in the entire ocean. But since it is also vain and proud, it becomes increasingly lonely with time. Then it realises that you cannot win friends through beauty. It overcomes its pride and begins to distribute its glittering scales to the other fish.

The book deals with topics such as vanity, loneliness, belonging and exclusion. It is read out multilingually in German, Russian and Arabic. Children from the age of 4 are looked after during the event, they can paint while listening and let their imagination run free. Those who wish can print their own fabric bag using screen printing.

An event of the Landesnetzwerk Migrantenorganisationen Sachsen-Anhalt (LAMSA) e.V. in cooperation with the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

Readers: Larissa Wallner, Tatyana Shevchenko, Huner Khalil


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